The Evidence Hub consists of a series of building blocks that represents the main types of information that can be added to the Website.
These are: Impacts, Drivers, Enablers, Evidence, Resources, Projects, Organizations.

In the following you'll see a list of coloured boxes describing each of these categories of information. If you click on a box a panel will drop down wind help information on a category.

The bottom right box represents a different type of information called "Stories". A story is a chain of connected Impacts>Drivers>Enablers>Evidence>Resources that can be added in one go to the Evidence Hub by using a Wizard interface. Click on the "Stories" box for further information and links to the Wizard form to add a new story.



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Organizations and Projects

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How the Categories Connect (rollover icons to view more information)

Explore Themes and Tags

  • The Evidence Hub has a grouping system which allows users to cluster information under the same Theme.
  • Themes are shown in the homepage as a list of coloured boxes . If you click on a theme you will see all the information (Impacts, Drivers, Enablers, Resources, Projects, Organizations ) etc. have that same that have been given that theme.
  • The list of Themes is decided by the administrator of the Evidence Hub.
  • Themes aim to represent the higher level topics of interest for the community, while for lower level categorisation users can add tags, which are also displayed in the Evidence Hub's homepage as tag cloud.

Follow Your Interests

  • Interested in something specific? You can follow any people, Organizations, Projects, Themes, Impacts, Drivers, Enablers, Evidence etc. in the Evidence Hub.
  • You can follow any node in the hub by clicking on the follow icon .
  • When you start following a node the activities related to that node will be listed in your Homepage.
  • You can also choose to receive a daily/weekly/monthly email digest of all activities related to your followed items and people.
  • By following an item in the evidence hub you will also be added to the list of followers shown in the explore page of that item.


Why not try our Evidence Hub Online Builder Tool to help you gather evidence as you browse!

If you would like to report a bug or have suggestions for improvements to the Evidence Hub, or have any other questions about the site then please contact us.

(v 2.0 alpha 1)